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Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's Time To Start A Blog


It all began when my daughter was born. I already have three sons that I love to dress up but lets face it, cute boys clothes are hard to come by. Now, finally, I could buy all the frilly pink outfits with matching shoes and hats I had my eye on. I would get to do her hair and put all kinds of clips and headbands in it. I was excited!

To my dismay, my daughter was born bald. I think her butt had more hair than her head. I was so discouraged at first but then I realized that this meant she was just born to wear hats! I bought many, many hats for her in her first few months but I really fell in love with this crocheted cloche I found at a kiosk in the mall. When she outgrew it I went back hoping to buy more, but the kiosk had only been open for the Christmas holidays and I had stupidly thrown away her business card.

After my search for something similar (and still affordable) turned up nothing I made a decision - I would just have to make one.

I knew nothing of crochet. I, like most people that don't have a yarn obsession, confused it with knitting all the time... And I had already tried to knit and failed miserably! A few of my online friends gave me a good pep talk, a list of websites and youtube channels which gave me a boost of confidence and a place to start.

The next stop was Michael's. I found a booklet of beginner crochet projects and began to read through to see what kind of yarn and hooks I would need. I stood there for quite a while trying to figure out how much yarn is in a "ball" and wondered why none of the yarn in the store was ball shaped... but I noticed the store staff  was putting a lot of effort into walking by to give me the evil eye, so I grabbed an H hook and a few different colours of random yarn and left.

I started with Mug Rugs. They are like coasters that don't keep moisture away from your table and prevent your cup from being flat and therefore stable (in case you were wondering). The first three came out as trapezoids but by the fourth one I realized my problem and I finally had a square.

Naturally, this meant I should skip to the most difficult pattern in the book next. Right?

After many unsuccessful attempts I knew I needed help. I joined and found some tutorials and youtube videos and learned to read a pattern properly. Then I was on a roll.

I made every project in my booklet the first week. The more I practiced the better and faster I got. Within a few weeks I had completed another two dozen projects, most of which I had shared on my facebook.

Around the time I started making slippers, I began getting some interesting feedback from my friends and family - SELL THIS STUFF! It hadn't occurred to me before because I didn't think it was worth anything. I had only been crocheting for two months. I didn't even know how or where to sell it, nevermind who would buy it. Plus the patterns I was using were free - people could just make their own.

My first pair of slippers. The FREE pattern is called Pirate Feet by Nancy Anderson.
 I used cotton instead of wool and used a flower applique instead of the skull and crossbones from the pattern

I'm not quite sure how things fell into place after that, but soon I was booked at the brand new farmers' market a few blocks from my house and Nik's Knots was born.

Here I am a few months later with a hobby that pays for itself and a killer yarn stash. Now it's time to start a blog and share my patterns with the world! I need the experience writing patterns (feedback is always appreciated) and I would LOVE to inspire others to crochet or try a new technique. So here goes nothing!!

Coming soon...

With detachable ears!


  1. I am loving your blog already! Your sense of style (voice) comes out strong, and undeniable ... love, Love, LOVE IT.

    ((( hug )))

  2. LOL thank you very much :D
    I am trying my best. It's so much harder than it looks though!