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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pretty Pinwheel Headband

These headbands fit just about any size. It really depends on the stretchiness of the elastic you buy. The ones I have made can fit both myself and my daughter (who is a year old).
You may sell your finished products if you like! You may not sell, reproduce or otherwise steal my pattern or pictures in any way.  

You will need:

  • crochet thread, size 10
  • 1.00mm crochet hook
  • 6.00mm crochet hook
  • 1/4 inch wide elastic band, 3 inches in length
  • scissors
  • yarn needle or cross stitch needle to sew in ends and attach button
  • 1 button - under 1/2 and inch in diameter looks best


Picot = chain 3, insert hook into last stitch made (in this pattern it will be a trc), yarn over and pull through all loops on hook
See slideshow at the bottom for picture-tutorial.


Row 1: Using your 1.00mm hook, sl st onto elastic band 1/8 of an inch from the edge. Ch1, sc in same st. Sc twice more into the elastic, keeping sts evenly spaced - 3sc's
Row 2: ch 1, turn. 2sc in first st, 2sc in remaining sts - 6scs
Row 3: ch 2 (do no count ch2 as st), turn. Dc in same st and each remaining st - 6dc's
Row 4: ch 1, stretch lp on hk and transfer it to the blunt end of 6.00mm hk. TURN. Using smaller hk, sk first st, *insert in to next st, yo, pull lp through. Ch 1, stretch lp and transfer to larger hook **. Repeat from * to ** in remaining sts - 6 lps on lrg hk.
Row 5: Remove lps from lrg hk. Thread smaller hook through all 6 lps, yo and pull thread through all lps  on hook. Ch 2, dc 6 times in same sp.
Row 6 - 53: Repeat rows 3-5 (sixteen times)
Work should measure around 14 inches (not including elastic).

Row 54: ch 1, turn. Sc2tog 3 times - 3 sts
Row 55: ch 1, turn. Sc in each st across - 3 sc's
Row 56: ch 1, turn. Making sure your work isn't twisted, hold freshly cut end of elastic to WS of work. Sc in each st across, making sure to pierce through the elastic when inserting hk into st. Ch 1, cut thread at least 6 inches away from work and pull tail through.
Use your needle to sew the tail through the sts of your last row into the elastic. This will reinforce the join and make the row lay flat.

Want a bracelet instead? Only repeat rows 3-5 six or seven times and cut elastic to 1.5 inches.

Pinwheel Flower

Ch 3, sl st to 3rd ch from hk to form a ring
Rnd 1: (sc into ring, ch 10) 5 times, sl st into first sc to join - 5 petals
Rnd 2: ch 1, *(sc, 6dc, trc, picot, 6dc, sc) into ch-10 sp. Sc into sc**. Repeat from * to ** 4 times. Sl st to first sc to join. - 5 petals

Work in ends. Sew flower and button to headband (or bracelet) slightly off of center